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All Things Scary...

I get totally into Haloween, not only do i love to party, but i have a childhood fixation with all things scary. I wanted to build a page that celebrates the Pagen festival of spookyness so here it is, the product of an hours work at 2am in the morning on a rainy tuesday night. I hope you like it, and i ya don't tough shit. Oh and the background and text is designed to mess with ya eyes, feel dizzy now ?

True Scary Story...

One fine day a mother goes out to the forest to pick berries. She goes in car and takes her newborn baby with her. When she arrives she gets out and opens the rear door so the baby can get some air and leaves the newly born child straped in the car seat while she goes to hunt for berries. After 30 minutes she hears the baby crying, she hurries back to the car and the crying has stoped all she hears is silence, which is more harrowing. When she looks into the back of the car she can see the baby laying on it's back, blue in colour and lifeless, with the tail of a snake hanging out of it's mouth. The mother paniks and instinctively grabs the snakes tail and trys to pull it out of the childs open mouth. She manages to pull it free but all the babys insides come out with it. Covered, in her own childs blood she falls to the ground crying.

My favouret Scary movies...

1. The Exorcist

2. Haloween

3. A Clockwork Orange

4. Screem

5. Mrs doubtfire (well it scared the shit outta me !!!)

If you haven't seen any of the above, i sujest this haloween you check em out.