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Internet love

My Girlfriend...

This web page is dedicated to my one true love, Ashley, who i love with all my heart. She is the greatest and most precious thing in my life and i am so lucky to have her love. I would like to thank her for being there for me and i hope and pray she will be with me every day for the rest of my life.


My Luvgrrl...

It is not as perfect as it all seems though, see I live in U.K. and Ashley lives in the U.S. 3000 miles is a long way ! But they say distance makes the heart grow fonder. We met on the Internet and although we have only talked on the phone and never met in person, i can honestly say i have never felt this way about anyone. I guess you could say we have a deep connection to each other, that's what i feel anyway. It is like god has given me my own angel, Ashley is my god send. I know it is all a bit wierd having a relationship like this, but it feels so right. I have had lots of bad breakups in the past, and apart from the lack of physical contact, whitch drives me crazy some-times, this is one of the best relationships ever.

It is incredabley painfull, wanting some-one so bad it hurts but that is life. I just know that one day we will be together and that first hour of being in each others company will make up for all these months of solitude. I dream about the day when we will go out together for movies and dinner, strole hand in hand along a warm moonlit beach under the stars.

i would give anything, make any sacrafice, just to hold her in my arms, with every heart beat i long for her love and with every second that passes i miss her more. The power love has is undescribable, the emotion felt is so overwelming some times you don't know whether to laugh or cry. It is amazing how things evolve, when the internet was invented i'm sure this was not it's designed purpose, but still love has managed to conquer even cilicon chips and wires. I think it is a pretty amazing world we live in for all this to be posserble, with out this technology i would not have found my true love, so thank you world.

Ashley, i'm no poet, but i can tell you, when i wake up early on the worst day, when it is raining out side, bitterly cold and i have to travel 5 miles, i still have a smile on my face, because i am thinking of you. Thank you so much for making me feel that way. I hope you know how much I LOVE YOU because i love you so so much, i hope you can love me the same, for my heart will beat for you forever.

You are my Everything

I think that the lyrics for this song really express our relationship and the way i feel about you.I love you and i always will, forever and ever....... = )