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best viewed with a considerate heart

The Conclusion

As i said at the begining of this site, i am only presenting facts not peoples opinions. On this page i will present my opinions to the whole Kurt Cobain story but they are based on facts and i have read every piece of material i could get on Kurt, his life and death.

Many people believe Kurt was murdered. But this is not an opinion it is a fact. He was murdered. Whether he was murdered at the hands of another person or it was simpley society and the pressures of fame that killed Kurt, he was in my mind murdered by a society and world system that makes everybody a killer.

As i mentioned earlier there were a few facts about the death which just didn't add up. Because they couldn't be explained, the police didn't bother to investigate it further. They are as follows.

  1. There was not a single finger print on the shot-gun. This indicates that it was wiped. Now if Kurt shot himself there would have to be a finger print, belonging to him, on the trigger. There wasn't.

  2. The amount of heroin found in Kurt's blood after the autopsy was very high. Infact it was so high that the toxicologist stated that a person under the influence of that bigger doseage would be totally incapacitated. He said that there is no way Kurt would have been conscious, let alone been able to write a note, load a gun and pull the trigger.

  3. Marks on Kurt's body idicated some kind of struggle before death occured. The puncher wound left by the needle used to inject the heroin was deep and messy, indicating the needle had been stabed into the flesh, as if by another person.

  4. The suposed suiside note makes no mention of Kurt killing him self or atempting suiside. The note is more like an appolagy for leaving the band Nirvana. The last 4 lines appear to have been added by someone else, handwriting experts agree this and the ink in the last 4 lines was fresher and different to the ink on the rest of the note.

  5. Courtney had tryed to hire a hit man to kill Kurt before for $50,000. There marrige was over according to friends and witnesses, Kurt was talking about changing his will and writting Courtney out of it and leaving everything to Frances. This was witnessed by the Nanny.

  6. A stool was used in the investigation, which it was said that Kurt used to block a door. The door used had no access from the outside anyway.

  7. The blast patern left by the gun shot indicates Kurt was shot/shot himself whilst laying down on his back.

All these facts were dismissed one by one by the police. They said Kurt was able to pull the trigger under the influence of that amount of heroin because he had a high tolerance level. That is not what the evidence indicates. I think a shabby police investigation and the above facts lead to a major error in justice. I believe Kurt was murdered, by someone hired by his wife. She wanted to get to the top and nothing was going to stand in her way. She wrote a poem declairing that a year earlier. When Kurt tried to get away she would not let him, she played on his weakness to love and emotion like a leach sucking blood. She showed no morning for his death and released her debue rock album by her band Hole the week after Kurt died. I think she got worried when Kurt said he wanted a divorce, custerdy of his daughter and that he was going to change his will. I think the private detective sent to the house by Courtney was ment to find the body and that is the real reason she sent him there.

I think Kurt had got the shot-gun in a desperate almost psycotic state and gone back to the house to clear things up, leave Nirvana and move away. But sometime in those few hours he was confronted in his own home rendered unconscious by a high dose of heroin and whilst laying on the floor, shot in the head. Then it was made to look like a suiside.

Courtney Love has put that part of her life behind her, changed her image and made it to the top. She has a top 40 rock band "Hole", a movie career plus acadamy award nominations. She blames all that was bad in her life on a cronically depressed death rocker who was so weak he took his own life. She has won.

Many people don't know Kurt Cobain, even if they have heard his name on the radio or in a bar, they would never know the real person, his real story. I feel sad when i hear people say his name and relate to an image of death, drepression and hatred. Nothing could be futher from the truth. This is what Courtney has done and for that she will go to hell. Kurt Donald Cobain was a truley sensitive, emotional person. The people that knew him say he was a caring father and never shouted raised his fist of hurt a thing. He was considerate of other peoples feelings to a point where he lost control of his own. He felt incredable guilt for being famous. While Courtney wanted a mansion Kurt wanted a shelter, while courtney wanted a big expensive car, Kurt wanted a walk. They had different priorities in life.

Kurt's story was not ment to end when it did, i feel his life was cut short and the world has lost one of the greatest talents it has ever had. Kurt Cobain tryed to change the world, he had a vision of a perfect, pure society and felt incredable guilt about the fact that he could not change things, people were ruthless and he couldn't handle that. It makes me sad to think that most people don't know his story, a story of courage, life and tragerdy. I believe that one day justice will be done, i think everybody can learn something from the story of Kurt and relate to it in so way. I just wanted to give people the chance to know the real man behind such a sad existance. There is one thing that they will never be able to destroy though, and that is the memory we have of Kurt and songs that shaped a world. Kurt created music, music that will be around forever in our hearts, Kurt Cobain will never die.

Kurt did change the world, and more importantly he changed me. Thank You...

By Paul Chapman 1998

peace, love, empathy...

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