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"All" the evidence

There has been alot of effot made to cover up the official documents and police reports about the death of Kurt Cobain. Courtney Love and her team of big-shot lawyers have done everything possible to cover the whole Kurt Cobain story in a shrowd of darkness. Thanx to some people who risked there careers and lives to bring this story to light, the public can now have the chance to read the true facts. Courtney has never been one to hide behind her men in suits. She has verbaly and phsicaly atacked people for discussing printing or publising any part of her life with Kurt. People have recieved death threats and there material has been destroyed because of the atitude Courtney has adopted. Many films made about the life and death of Kurt Cobain have been scraped or not shown as result. This is the reason why many people do not know about his story. Well i want to tell it. However you cannot ignore the possiblity that by telling this story i am opening myself up for legal and personal objection. I have done my best to remain anonimous, but i have to ask myself how long will this page be on the internet ?

Well here are the official police documents and reports carried out by the Seattle p.d after the death of Kurt Cobain. I have gone to alot of trouble to gather and publish these, as you can imagine. please wait as they may take a time to load.

This is the Homiside statement carried out by the first officer at the scene.

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