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Inspirational Poems

A collection of poems by Christopher Chapman, 1993

Thoughts in time will never rime for thoughts in time do differ. Thoughts in time that ripple on may ripple on forever. Thoughts in time cannot escape for they are always in abeyance. Ambivalent thoughts from the past will surely last forever. Thoughts in time is life itself.

Searching minds so long so true, searching on for what or who. Searching minds will never rest, as searching minds remain abyss. Searching minds search extreme, while other minds wade the ream. Searching minds may loose tether, but searching minds will search forever. searching minds inept they view on palatial edges so grand so true.

Feelings held in highs and lows, feelings shown in eyes of void. Feelings held beyond the face, are feelings held to time and space. Feelings held so locked imortal, may change with time to become sublime. feelings held are feelings real, these feeling in caution we reveal.

Hungry mouths that crave a power, day by day and hour by hour. Hungry mouths of pleasure and quest, that seduce the aura to their best. Hungry mouths that do not tarry, are hungry mouths that others carry. Hungry mouths a coloured moment, to pursue the course of their time. Hungry mouths that strive a life, are hungry mouths cause of power.

Carbon units among the crowd, with gathered ware and speach aloud. Carbon units like sparkling jewels, that judge their rank by standards and rules. Carbon units gains perceived, to any cost are grieved. Carbon units turn to dust, leaving material things to rot and rust. Carbon units in flight they go, terminate and never know.

Plane seven apart, bizarre, bequest, to bare this level and never rest. Plane seven to challenge in logical sense, beyond horizons, future tense. Plane seven to stand alone on edge, observing chaos in pools of life. Plane seven a gift, or burden to bare, plane seven inherent will always care. Plane seven seek alike on plane, but few exist they suffer pain.

Confabulation a facial focas, through vision or jest, we try our best. Confabulation conveyed in vein, to shifting eyes that have suffered pain. Confabulation turning heads alone, we stand in caution read. Confabulation to achieve, but how do others really perceive. Confabulation our means to reach out, and fulfil our wildest dreams. Confabulation rejected by many, a journy lost, together held.

Savage stage steel and plastic, many colours in lines are parked. Savage stage polished and cherished, awaiting armour to convey. Savage stage expression of power fierce aggression voiced within. Savage stage expanding daily, engulfed in masses of concrete rings. Savage stage chase the day, rules forgoten lives destroyed.

Silent ears rooftops a tangle, the edge of the sky where aerials dangle. Silent ears in shapes benign, edifice among a city line. Silent ears pliant channels, continuous prattle beyond the ears. Silent ears voices that cry, speed of light across the globe. Silent ears probe the cosmos pervade our space, they have no right.

Races apart in ridged stance, boundries set for descendants advance. Races apart dissenting traits, stand alone for lesser gain. Races apart rival force, to reinvent along the course. Races apart vaunt their style, expressed as symbols, contemporaries rile. Races apart slaves to themselves, bastions of horror, existence sustained. Races apart distend their limits, bright their domain with races apart. Races apart devoured by race, transending children lost to space.

God reviewed in palacial towers, by human minds for hours and hours. God reviewed silent thoughts, instilled in mind forbearer past. God reviewed fortitude or fear, accede your being, shed no tear. God reviewed a question held, absolve existance to no avail. God reviewed in current time, guard your life before the void.

copyright C.J.C. 1993